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class TQtClientFilter
library: libGQt
#include "TQtClientFilter.h"
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class TQtClientFilter: public QObject

Function Members (Methods)

voidAppendButtonGrab(TQtClientWidget* widget)
static TClass*Class()
static TQtClientWidget*GetButtonGrabber()
static TQtClientWidget*GetPointerGrabber()
static voidGrabPointer(TQtClientWidget* grabber, UInt_t evmask, Window_t confine, QCursor* cursor, Bool_t grab = TRU, Bool_t owner_events = TRU)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
static TQtPointerGrabber*PointerGrabber()
voidRemoveButtonGrab(QObject* widget)
static voidSetButtonGrabber(TQtClientWidget* grabber)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
voidAddKeyEvent(const int& event, TQtClientWidget* widget)
booleventFilter(QObject* o, QEvent* e)
static Bool_tIsGrabSelected(UInt_t selectEventMask)
voidRestoreLostGrabbing(Event_t& event)
static Bool_tSelectGrab(Event_t& event, UInt_t selectEventMask, int& me)
voidSetKeyGrabber(TQtClientWidget* grabber)
voidUnSetKeyGrabber(TQtClientWidget* grabber)
TQtClientFilter(const TQtClientFilter&)
voidoperator=(const TQtClientFilter&)

Data Members

static TQtClientWidget*fgActiveGrabber
static TQtClientWidget*fgButtonGrabber
static QCursor*fgGrabPointerCursor
static UInt_tfgGrabPointerEventMask
static Bool_tfgGrabPointerOwner
static TQtPointerGrabber*fgGrabber
static TQtClientWidget*fgPointerGrabber

Class Charts

Inheritance Chart:

Function documentation

Bool_t IsGrabSelected(UInt_t selectEventMask)
 return the selection by "grabButton" / "grabPointer"
void AddKeyEvent( const QKeyEvent &keyEvent, TQtClientWidget *frame)
 Map and and to the ROOT event queue Qt KeyBoard event mapped to the ROOT Event_t
 For "dest" widget
bool SelectGrab(Event_t &event, UInt_t selectEventMask,QMouseEvent &mouse)
 Select Event:  --  04.12.2005  --
bool eventFilter( QObject *qWidget, QEvent *e )
 Dispatch The Qt event from event queue to Event_t structure
 Not all of the event fields are valid for each event type,
 except fType and fWindow.
void GrabPointer(TQtClientWidget *grabber, UInt_t evmask, Window_t /*confine*/, QCursor *cursor, Bool_t grab, Bool_t owner_events)
 Set the X11 style active grabbing for ROOT TG widgets
TQtClientWidget * GetPointerGrabber()

{ return fgPointerGrabber; }
TQtClientWidget * GetButtonGrabber()

{ return fgButtonGrabber; }
void SetButtonGrabber(TQtClientWidget *grabber)

{ fgButtonGrabber = grabber; }
void AppendButtonGrab(TQtClientWidget *widget)

{ QPtrList<TQtClientWidget> TQtClientFilter::fButtonGrabList">fButtonGrabList.append(widget);}
void RemoveButtonGrab(QObject *widget)
TQtEventQueue * Queue" href="src/TQtClientFilter.h.html#w93z4C">Queue()

void operator=(const TQtClientFilter &)
TQtClientFilter(const TQtClientFilter &)
void SetKeyGrabber(TQtClientWidget *grabber)
{ fKeyGrabber = grabber;}
void UnSetKeyGrabber(TQtClientWidget *grabber)
{ if (fKeyGrabber == grabber) fKeyGrabber = 0; }
void RestoreLostGrabbing(Event_t &event)
TQtPointerGrabber * PointerGrabber()
{ return fgGrabber; }

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