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class TQtZoomPadWidget
#include "TQtZoomPadWidget.h"
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class TQtZoomPadWidget

Function Members (Methods)

TQtZoomPadWidget(TVirtualPad* pad = 0, QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = "0")
voidConnect(const char* canvasName)
voidConnect(TQtWidget* wid)
voidConnect(int wid)
voidConnect(TCanvas* c)
voidDisconnect(const char* canvasName)
voidDisconnect(TQtWidget* wid)
voidDisconnect(int wid)
voidDisconnect(TCanvas* c)
TCanvas*GetCanvas() const
TVirtualPad*GetPad() const
boolHasSmartZoom() const
voidHideOnLeave(bool on = ru)
voidPadModified(bool on)
voidResetLastZoomed(TVirtualPad* pad = 0)
voidResize(unsigned int w, unsigned int h)
virtual voidSelected(TVirtualPad* pad, TObject* obj, int event)
voidSetPad(TVirtualPad* pad, bool toBeShown = ru)
voidSetSelectingButton(EEventType button = Button2Dow)
voidSetZoomFactor(float f)
virtual voidShow()
voidSmartZoomEnable(bool on = ru)
voidDefineTooTip(bool hideOnLeave)
virtual voidleaveEvent(QEvent* e)
virtual voidmousePressEvent(QMouseEvent* e)
virtual voidresizeEvent(QResizeEvent* e)
TQtZoomPadWidget(const TQtZoomPadWidget&)
voidoperator=(const TQtZoomPadWidget&)

Data Members

TCanvas*fCanvasThe destination TCanvas.
boolfHideOnLeaveHide the widget on mouse leave.
boolfIgnoreNextMotionThe flag wehther to igomre the mouse motion events
TVirtualPad*fLastZoomedLast TPad to be zoomed;
unsigned intfMouseBitsKeep the fSrcWidget mouse event mask to restore
TVirtualPad*fPadThe source TPad to be zoomed.
TQtWidget*fSrcWidgetThe signaling TCanvas QWidget
floatfZoomFactorThe initial zoom factor.
boolfJustOpenFlag to see whther the zommer has been opened
intfOldHieghtPrevious canvas size for smart zooming
intfOldWidthPrevious canvas size for smart zooming
EEventTypefSelectingButtonThe mlouse button to use to activa the zoomer
boolfSetPadInProgresssemaphore to avoid double setting
boolfSmartZoomFactorFlag to adjust the zoom factor on resize event

Class Charts

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Function documentation

TCanvas * GetCanvas()
{ return fCanvas; }
TVirtualPad * QJMv1C">GetPad()
{ return fPad; }
bool HasSmartZoom()
{ return fSmartZoomFactor; }
void SmartZoomEnable(bool on)
{ fSmartZoomFactor = on; }
TQtZoomPadWidget(const TQtZoomPadWidget &)
void operator=(const TQtZoomPadWidget &)
void DefineTooTip(bool hideOnLeave)
TQtZoomPadWidget(TVirtualPad *pad =0, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, Qt::WFlags f=0)
virtual ~TQtZoomPadWidget()
void Show()
void ResetLastZoomed(TVirtualPad *pad=0)
void leaveEvent(QEvent *e)
void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *e)
void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *e)
void Connect(const char *canvasName)
void Connect(TQtWidget *wid)
void Connect(int wid)
void Connect(TCanvas *c)
void Disconnect()
void Disconnect(const char *canvasName)
void Disconnect(TQtWidget *wid)
void Disconnect(int wid)
void Disconnect(TCanvas *c)
void HideOnLeave(bool on=true)
void PadModified(bool on)
void Resize(unsigned int w, unsigned int h)
void SetPad(TVirtualPad *pad, bool toBeShown=true)
void SetSelectingButton(EEventType button=kButton2Down)
void Selected(TVirtualPad *pad, TObject *obj, int event)
void SetZoomFactor(float f)

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