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#ifndef ROOT_TQtPad2Html
#define ROOT_TQtPad2Html

** Copyright (C) 2006 by Valeri Fine. Brookhaven National Laboratory.
**                                    All rights reserved.
** This file may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License
** as defined by Trolltech AS of Norway and appearing in the file
** LICENSE.QPL included in the packaging of this file.

#ifndef __CINT__
#include "qstring.h"
class QString;

//                                                                        //
// class QtPad2Html  converts the TPad object into the QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::Html()">Html format        //
//                                                                        //
// It creates TWO files:                                                  //
// HTML wrapper with "html" extenstion and pixmap image in "png" format   //
//                                                                        //
// To create  a Web page from the current TPad / TCanvas do               //
//                                                                        //
// TQtPad2Html(gPad);  It should be sufficient                            //
//                                                                        //
// This class is used internally by TQtCanvas2Html object                 //
// to convert multi-pad TCanvas into the HTML image map                   //
//                                                                        //

class TVirtualPad;
class QTextStream;
class TObject;
class QFile;

class TQtPad2Html {
     QString QString TQtPad2Html::fAuthorName">fAuthorName;
     QString QString TQtPad2Html::fAuthorEmail">fAuthorEmail;
     QString QString TQtPad2Html::fFullHtmlName">fFullHtmlName;
     QString QString TQtPad2Html::fFullImageName">fFullImageName;
     QString QString TQtPad2Html::fHtmlFolder">fHtmlFolder;
     TVirtualPad *fPad;
     QTextStream *QTextStream* TQtPad2Html::fHtml">fHtml;
     QFile       *QFile* TQtPad2Html::fFile">fFile;

   TQtPad2Html(TVirtualPad *pad,bool,const QString &folder = QString());
   virtual QTextStream &QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::EndTag(const QString& tagName)">EndTag(const QString &tagName);
   virtual QTextStream &QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::Eol()">Eol();
   virtual QTextStream &QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::Html()">Html();
   virtual QTextStream &QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::HtmlTag(const char* tagName,const char* tagParameters=0,bool closed=als)">HtmlTag(const char* tagName, const char *tagParameters=0, bool closed=false);
   virtual QTextStream &Quote" title="QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::Quote()">Quote();
   virtual void Close();

     TQtPad2Html(TVirtualPad *pad=0,const char *folder = 0);
     virtual ~TQtPad2Html();
     const QString &QString& TQtPad2Html::AuthorName()">AuthorName();
     const QString &QString& TQtPad2Html::AuthorEMail()">AuthorEMail();
     virtual void  ClosePage();
     virtual QString QString TQtPad2Html::ImageTitle(TVirtualPad* pad=0)">ImageTitle(TVirtualPad *pad=0);
     virtual QTextStream   &QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::MapCanvas(TVirtualPad* pad,const char* mapName=0,bool adjust=ru)">MapCanvas(TVirtualPad *pad, const char *mapName=0,bool adjust=true);
     virtual const QString &QString& TQtPad2Html::HtmlFolder()">HtmlFolder();
     virtual QTextStream &QTextStream& TQtPad2Html::OpenHeader(TVirtualPad* pad=0)">OpenHeader(TVirtualPad *pad=0);
     virtual TVirtualPad *Pad() const;
     virtual QString &QString& TQtPad2Html::PadHtmlFile(TVirtualPad* pad=0,const char* name=0)">PadHtmlFile(TVirtualPad *pad=0, const char *name =0);
     virtual const    QString &QString& TQtPad2Html::PadImageFile(TVirtualPad* pad=0,const char* name=0)">PadImageFile(TVirtualPad *pad=0, const char *name =0);
     virtual void     QString& folder)">SetFolder(const QString &folder);
     virtual void     WriteHtmlPad(TVirtualPad *pad=0, const char *name =0);
     virtual void     WritePad(TVirtualPad *pad=0, const char *name =0);

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